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Organic Psilocybin
In Three Precise Microdose Sizes


Adaptogens combine to calm the mind and body.


Three powerful mushrooms boost your brain and creativity.


Pure medicinal mushrooms. Experiment and explore

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The gummy is AMAZING. Everything about it, taste, texture, experience… This was a refreshing experience-a wonderful taste of joy. I bit off a nib, maybe 100 of the 500mg dose and ‘fun’, ‘light’, ‘into the experience’ (without anxiety, gut rot, nothing)

H. C.

After eating the gummies it felt like I had a smile from ear to ear! Laughter filled the air! Instantly relieved of all life’s stresses….life was good. Everything was extra funny and extra vivid. These triggered a new enthusiasm and a new sense of wonder! 

Instagram follower

I’ll be ranting about and raving about how these little pills have changed my life forever.

J. T.

After doing a couple of doses of your Journey capsules (200mg) I was able to get something finished that’s been blocked for years.


B. N.

Love your mushrooms, the husband and I have noticed big changes to our emotional states and breaking old thought patterns.



I love your brand and product! The capsules are small and there is no aftertaste. I’ve been back twice and will be back in the future.


A. G.

My sister turned me on to your product and I just gotta say I absolutely love them. Even with all the different prescription anti depressants I’ve had over the years nothing’s worked as well as your pills did. This is a game changer.

S. B.

I just wanted to let you know I wake up happy after years and years of depressive thoughts and a tired mind. I wake up happy. You have helped me more than you could ever know.



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